Exploring Bees as Symbols of Good Luck

Are Bees Good Luck?

Bees hold a special place in human culture, mythology, and superstition. Their highly organized societies, industriousness, roles as pollinators, and production of sweet honey have made them objects of fascination and reverence across societies for centuries. Given the positive symbolism surrounding bees, a common question is whether bees actually bring good fortune and luck to those who cross their path. There are cultural traditions, folklore, and intriguing facts that suggest bees may indeed be lucky insects.

This article explores the ways bees are associated with good luck and prosperity across cultures, including:

  • Folklore and mythology tying bees to good fortune
  • Religious and spiritual connections
  • Superstitions about bees as omens
  • Practices believed to draw luck from bees
  • Symbolic meaning of bees in dreams
  • Use of bees in divination and rituals
  • Real-world prosperity from bees through pollination and honey

While hard to prove conclusively, bees do seem imbued with a symbolic power to confer luck and benefits in many belief systems across the world. When held in reverence, bees may mystically bestow their favors upon us.

beekeeper showing her beehive

Folklore and Mythology

In myths, fables, and legends across cultures, bees often appear as harbingers of fortune and prosperity:

  • Greek legends link bees to the gods, and hives were used to predict the future. Finding a wild hive brought good luck.
  • European folklore states that bees entering a home predicts successful future for the household.
  • African tales depict bees as symbols of wisdom and carriers of luck. The presence of bees conferred blessings.
  • Dreams or visions of bees were considered extremely auspicious in some Native American lore as spiritual messengers.
  • Ancient Egyptians observed bees as symbols of an orderly society presided over by a god-like queen. Hives represented life’s sweetness.

Lore consistently highlights bees as lucky symbols of success, productivity, and the joys of life. Their presence radiates positivity.

Bees in Religion and Spirituality

Bees hold special significance in various faiths and spiritual traditions:

  • In Hinduism, the black stripes on bees are said to symbolize singing of holy Vedic hymns
  • Catholic miracles like the “Miracle of the Bees” emphasized bees as living proof of spiritual blessings.
  • Freemasonry uses beehives on lodges as symbols of cooperative communities tending to the greater good through shared labor.
  • Mormonism follows the “Deseret” symbolism of industrious hives working harmoniously under divine guidance.
  • Pagan nature-based faiths position bees as magical creatures carrying growth, wisdom, and light.
  • Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, and other faiths recognize bees as examples of divine patterns in nature worthy of emulation.

The spiritual symbolism grants bees an auspicious aura. Their presence signifies life’s blessings.

a lot of bees landing on a beehive

Superstitions About Bees

A number of superstitions highlight bees as lucky omens:

  • A bee landing on you symbolizes impending good news arriving soon.
  • Finding a dead bee outside your home means good events will come your way.
  • Seeing many bees at once predicts positive events like weddings or births.
  • If a bee flies into your home, it brings news that visitors are soon to arrive.
  • Dreaming about bees signals rewards through hard work and community cooperation.
  • The sound of bees buzzing indicates success coming your way.

These notions share the idea that bees serve as spiritual messengers carrying glad tidings.

Practices Believed to Draw Luck from Bees

Some customs attempt to harness bees’ power to spread fortune:

  • Keeping bees or beehives on one’s land ensures ongoing prosperity and bounty. The presence attracts good energy.
  • Burning beeswax candles while concentrating on an intention or prayer releases fortunate vibes into manifestation.
  • Mixing honey into special baths, potions, or incense cleanses away bad luck and attracts the sweetness of life.
  • Using bee motifs and images in art, jewelry, clothing and decorations channels the bee’s industrious spirit.

While superstitious, these practices rely on bees as living totems of abundance and productivity.

bees in a glass beehive

Symbolic Meaning of Bees in Dreams

Dreaming about bees often portends favorable developments:

  • Dreaming of being stung by bees means unexpected money coming.
  • Large busy hives or swarms predict success through teamwork.
  • Collecting honey or beeswax symbolizes rewards coming from skill.
  • Highly social cooperative activity within a dream hive signals community solidarity.
  • Flying bees represent achievements reached through focus and determination.

Bees in dreams mirror waking associations of bees with prosperity, sweetness, and harmony. Their presence highlights the realization of our goals.

The Use of Bees in Divination and Rituals

Some mystical practices incorporate bees:

  • Observing the flight paths of bees was thought to reveal intuitions about luck or the future. Their southward flights showed favor.
  • Capturing swarms was used for divination about populations and harvests. Larger swarms meant better luck for villages.
  • Watching the activity level and honey stores of hives gave insights into outcomes of endeavors. More industriousness meant greater success chances.
  • Burning beeswax candles on altars carries wishes and prayers upward with the light and smoke.
  • Adding bees or honey to rituals provides a magical focus for attracting achievements, harmony, and abundance.

Seers looked to bees both materially and symbolically for glimpses of insight and better fortune.

bees making honey in a beehive

Real-World Prosperity from Bees

In tangible ways, bees do confer good fortune:

  • Pollination by bees enables thriving agriculture and horticulture that feeds civilization. Their services sustain prosperity.
  • Bee products like honey and beeswax enrich trade, commerce, health, and nutrition when cultivated ethically.
  • Watching bees connects people with nature’s patterns of flowering, seasons, cooperation, and new life. This uplifts spirits.
  • Beekeeping provides meaningful livelihoods and engenders community organization. Shared honey overflows.

Beyond superstitions, bees empirically improve lives through the interconnectedness they create across nature and society. Their collective prosperity becomes our shared fortune.


Mythology, folklore, spiritual teachings, divination, and superstition all position bees as lucky creatures capable of bringing good fortune and prosperity. While the mechanisms remain mysterious, the positive symbolic power of bees may somewhat magically translate into real benefits through psychosomatic effects, commune with nature, and community building. With openness and reverence, the auspicious influence of bees can sweetly manifest. More bees mean more honey in both material and metaphysical senses.