How Late Do Bees Work?

multiple beehives next to each other

Do you ever wonder what bees are doing in the winter? Are they hibernating? That’s definitely the case for some species of bumblebees. However, honeybees do not go into a deep sleep like many other animals do when it’s cold outside.  When it comes to just how late bees work, they pretty much work on

Can queen bees fly?

The queen bee is the most essential member in the colony of these social insects because of her role in ensuring that the hive is adequately populated, laying one to two thousand eggs every day inside the hive for the rest of her life [1].  However, there are also a few instances when the queen

Can a dead bee sting you?

bees landing on a piece of cloth

If you’ve read enough sites and documents about bees, you will know that not all bees sting [1]. In fact, only the female bees have stingers attached to their rear. The more common bees that stings are the honeybees, bumble bees, and carpenter bees. So, for the stinging bees, it can be curious to know

Why are bees attracted to me?

beekeeper working on a beehive next to flowers

Have you ever experienced that while you are peacefully walking, bees suddenly start following you? Afterward, as much as you try to avoid them by increasing your walking pace, they seem to keep up. Then there must be several factors why they are attracted to you and decides to follow you wherever you go. Bees

Can Bees Sting Through A Bee Suit?

beekeeper feeding bees in his beehive in a beesuite

Do you worry about being stung while dealing with bees? Good thing that you can wear a bee suit that can protect you from that sharp burning pain. However, since you are reading this article, I bet that you are wondering if bees could sting you even if you are wearing a bee suit. Bees

Do Bees Eat Apples?

beekeeper taking out hive

Bees are often the first insects that come to mind when you think of pollination. While honeybees are the most well-known species of bee and one of the few bees that produce honey, they’re not really interested in apples.  Bees normally don’t eat apples, however they do eat fruit and some types might be more

Are Bees Afraid of Water?

beekeeper stacking beehives by a river

Bees are amazing little creatures. They’re also surprisingly hardy, which means they can survive in a whole lot of different environments. One of those environments is water, which might surprise some people (and even some beekeepers).  Bees are not afraid of water. They don’t like getting wet, but they’re not afraid of it either. Their

How long do bees live without food?

bee landing on a flower harvesting nectar

When doing regular work like gathering pollen and foraging, bees are rarely too far from their hive. Since worker bees can harvest nectar and pollen and only fly in close proximity to their hives, they rarely experience severe starvation. They cannot, however, survive for more than a day without water or pollen if it is

How long do bees live?

a bee harvesting nectar from a flower

The lifespan of bees varies depending on their species and function within the colony. The life expectancy of bees can be influenced by external factors such as the weather, the abundance of forage, human interference, insecticides, and parasites. It is typically between 14 and 42 days for worker bees, 1-2 years for queen bees, and

Can Bees Sting Through Plastic?

beekeeper harvesting honey

Bees and wasps have earned a bad reputation for their painful stings, but they’re not all bad. Bees are important pollinators that you want to keep around your garden, but rumors suggests that they can sting through materials like plastic. Is this even true? Bees can sting through plastic. However, this isn’t always the case.

How are bees getting in my house?

bees landing on a beehive

If you’ve been living in the tropical areas and States of the US, chances are you may have experienced or known people who had previous encounters with bees getting inside their houses. It may not be the same experience as other bugs like spiders and houseflies because some bees can sting. So how do bees

Can you eat bees?

bees landing on a beehive

We all love the sweet and syrupy natural product called honey that honeybees make from the pollen and nectar they forage from flowers in their lifetime. Not only is it delicious and can be used for medicinal purposes [1], but it also does not spoil [2]. However, can we consume and eat other parts of