How Far Will Bees Chase You?

Bees are not always the most welcome visitors. They like to hang out where you don’t want them, and they can be pretty scary if you’re allergic to their stings.  The good news is that bees usually won’t chase after people unless they’ve been provoked or feel threatened in some way. If they do, they

Do Bees Have Blood?

We all know how hard honey bees work. Within a four-mile radius of their colony, they hunt for food. They can fly at speeds of up to 15 miles per hour, and their wings can beat 200 times per second, or 12,000 times per minute. With all these enormous efforts, we can’t help but wonder

Can a Worker Bee Sting?

You are strolling around your garden, minding your own business, when suddenly—BAM! You get stung by a bee. You yelp and swat at the little jerk of an insect. And then you wonder: Can worker bees sting? Worker bees can sting differently in the presence of a threat! They have stingers on their abdomens for

Does Vinegar Kill Bumble Bees?

If you have bumble bees in your home, you might be looking for ways to kill them. Bumble bees are a type of bee found all over the world, and they can be very destructive.  If you’re wondering if vinegar can kill bumble bees, the answer is yes. Since they love to live in people’s

Can Bees See Color?

Bees are widely considered to be the most important pollinators on Earth. Without them, we’d have a much harder time growing many of our favorite foods, and that’s why it’s so important to understand just how bees’ vision works.  While these hardworking creatures can see color, bee vision works through a limited spectrum that is

How Far Can Bees See?

When you’re walking through your garden, do you ever wonder if the bees are watching you? Although we often think of bees as tiny buzzers that can’t see very far, it’s actually quite the opposite.  Bees have an incredible sense of vision that allows them to navigate distances and dangers in their environment with ease.

Do Bees Get Cold?

Beekeepers have known for centuries that honey bees are able to survive in the cold. However, the question on many beekeepers’ minds is “how?” Or do they even get cold at all? The short answer is yes, they get cold. Bees sometimes get wet because of things they can’t control, like being caught out in

Can Bees Fart?

If you’ve ever seen a bee up close, you know that bees are amazing. They have superpowers! Can they also fart?  Yes, bees can fart. And when they do, it’s called methanethione gas. Also, there are a couple of factors that affect the frequency and “smell” of their farts, which vary from time to time. 

Can Bees Sting Through Jeans?

In a perfect world, we’d all be able to run around in little shorts and t-shirts while enjoying nature. Unfortunately, the real world means that you have to find ways to protect yourself from stinging insects like bees.  While some people think that the thickness and durability of jeans are enough to protect them from

Do Bees Die in Autumn?

We’ve always been fascinated by bees and how they go about their lifetime. They are pretty much the most industrious and hard-working insects on the planet, but their lives don’t last very long.  It is proven in the scientific community that bee colonies die off in autumn as part of their life cycle. This is

Do Bees Sting Bears?

Bees are one of the most important pollinators. They are also essential to our food supply, and they help maintain biodiversity in forests and grasslands. Simply put, bees have a lot to offer us, but what about bears?  Many people wonder if bees sting bears at all. The short answer is yes, specifically when bears

Do bumble bees die after they sting?

bee landing on a flower harvesting nectar

Many people may immediately think of the Transformers when they hear the word bumble bee [2]. However, there is a much more important kind of bumble bee that we need to highlight. Like most bee species, the bumble bee participates in the critical process of pollinating flowers and many types of plants and fruits we